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Aiden's FC Walk Fundraising page

Aiden Ehrenreich

Aiden Ehrenreich

Hello welcome to my Friendship Circle Fundraising Page, thank you for visiting.

I would really appreciate if you would donate to help a great cause. Friendship Circle helps kids with special needs to have fun experiences and promotes awareness. I have been volunteering at Friendship Circle since sixth grade, and it really is an awesome and extremely impactful organization. I would really appreciate it, if you made a donation, every bit counts!


raised of $250 goal

Recent Donations

1. Lisa Karasik-Ehrenreich
Good luck with your fundraiser!
2. Hillel Ehrenreich
3. Rachel & Zev Zundell
So happy to support you in this wonderful cause!
4. Judy Ehrenreich
Great Work Aiden!
5. Mark Ehrenreich
6. Dani Feit
Keep it up, Aiden!
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